For Employers

We believe that every job is important and valuable investment for your business success.
Find the best recruiting solutions through your partner, We will be Next to You.

We provide customised recruitment solutions based on each client’s unique needs for permanent placement, temporary placement, and also project-based placement.

Next You Career identifies the client’s needs by understanding the situation and evaluating various factors such as candidate's career, expertise and competence. With our excellent recruitment strategies, we will provide a best fit for our clients.


Step #1
Placement Request

Hear the requests through email, call, or website

Step #2
Understand the requirements

Understand and analyze the requirements, hiring background, and scopes

Step #3
Service Agreement

Propose a recruitment plan and build the service agreement

Step #4
Candidate Search

Using our search strategies, Identify the right candidate through conducting pre-interview

Step #5
Share the list of shortlisted candidate’s profile

Share the list of shortlisted candidate’s profile

Step #6
Employer Interview

Schedule the interview between employer and candidate

Run additional checks such as reference or background check upon request

Step #7

Negotiation between employer and candidate prior to contract of employment

Step #8
Post Placement Support

Post-Placement satisfaction check and follow up service

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